Brass Burner- Beads (standing)

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Are you searching for a beautiful brass incense holder? The smoked incense holder can assist you with pondering and rest and alleviates the stress. Light the cone on the incense holder to aesthetically please your senses. It has a beguiling smell, imaginary, and leaves gradually like a cascade—Retro brass incense holder, reasonable for home, office, teahouse, contemplation, and so on.


The standing incense censer is made of brass material, which is protected and harmless to the ecosystem. It is a bright metal incense burner looking like a bow; with dabs style. Special and beguiling in can consume incense, husk, bringing oriental boho contact to a room. It can be utilized during reflection.

This Agarbatti stand/incense holder is helpful both in houses and workplaces. It is protected to utilize and saves kids from consumption. It is fitted with a different debris gatherer that keeps the puja house, room, and office clean. It can hold five sticks all at once. Our standing brass burner is useful for consuming incense cone and powder incense. Its yellow metal has a glossy yet vintage look. It is delightfully brightened with clover molded openings with globules that permit the smoke and smell of the consuming incense to occupy the space with inspiration.

  • It beautifies the room.
  • It improves the air.
  • The smoke has a soothing smell.
  • It has beads and holes.
  • Size: 4"

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