Cedar Bundle- 4 to 5 Inches

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Cedar bundle for smudging aids to sanctify profound spiritual areas and supernatural things, for the advancement of great wellbeing and life span, spell breaking, and banishing customs. Fundamentally, Cedar smudging is for insurance and making great enchantment hindrances around us. Our sage is wild created reasonably. Used to cleanse, ensure or recuperate, the spices in the bundle have valuable properties and help to reconnect with the force of our Mother Earth.


Cedar bundle uses involve medication for maintaining wellbeing. It furnishes establishing and euphoria when associated with personal change, whether interior like your perspectives, convictions or outside such as a house, birth, passing, and it permits you to feel lively right now. Cedar trees are old, wise, and incredible spirits.

Cedar smudge bundle is frequently used to scrub a home or loft when initially moving in, welcoming undesirable spirits to leave and protecting an individual, spot, or item from undesirable impacts. It works both as a cleaner and as an approach to draw in great energy toward you. Eliminate negative energy in your home. Cedar purging is the quickest and best spice for eliminating negative energy in your home.

Cedar sage tea is also helpful to support your mental capabilities giving them positivity. Head over to our website to order this bundle of joy!

  • Cleanse home or apartment.
  • The best alternative for sage.
  • Beneficial for the workplace.
  • The smudge stick comes individually packaged in a plastic bag. 
  • It is most beneficial for your place of work.
  • Cedar is often used to cleanse a home or apartment.
  • Cedar smudges can make a good alternative for people who prefer not to use Sage.
  • The smudge stick is approximately 4" in length.

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    Rebeca Fiona
    Beneficial for health

    For wellbeing, it is recommended and in mental stability, these are to be used. Also, it can supplant the use of sage.

    Dear Rebeca Fiona, Thank you for your review! We're glad to know that our Cedar Bundle- 4 to 5 Inches is beneficial for health and wellbeing.

    Amazing Product

    I am in love!! What a beautiful set! I used it immediately. Took over 6 weeks too get, but so worth the wait.

    Thank you!