Charcoal Soap

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Charcoal soap is formulated by processing a high-carbon material at a very high temperature to "activate" it with hot steam or air due to its large surface area, which allows it to absorb toxins. When used in beauty products, such as soaps, activated charcoal absorbs dirt and impurities, which helps cleanse your pores. Charcoal is even used in trending nose strips, toothpaste, face washes, face masks, and deodorants. In some countries, you can even find charcoal in ice cream and coffee.

Charcoal is believed to clear out pores and remove toxins from your body, which is why it is almost added to everything now and is so trendy. Moreover, it helps get rid of any excess oil produced by the skin for healthy balanced skin. It gets rid of dead cells from your skin and helps maintain a flawless beauty regime. It helps your skin tighten, look younger, minimize wrinkles and give a healthy glow. You can use this on any skin type as it has no harmful effects and is the most convenient solution for your skincare problems.

  • It clears out dirt and other impurities from your pores
  • It helps get rid of excess oil produced by your skin
  • It helps clear out acne
  • 100% halal vegetable soap
  • Infused with cocoa butter and vitamin E
  • Made with natural black seed oil
  • Softens and moisturizes dry, rough skin
  • Reputed to help improve complexion
  • Good to use on the whole body 

Customer Reviews

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Eunice Allen
Wonderful product with wonderful customer support!

This soap smells great! I ordered two bar and the insense pro shipped my order very quick. I highly recommend it.