Cool Water Body Oil (M)

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Do you ever feel so dull and need an instant refreshing solution to make your day a bit brighter? We present our Cool Water Body Oil to soothe your whole body, leaving a moisturizing and peaceful impact! This cool water fragrance oil has a refreshing, fiery and ambery aroma, just as the name indicates. A masculine scent with a mix of lavender, jasmine, oakmoss, musk, and sandalwood gives you a naturally calm aura eradicating stress and anxiety. The lavender stimulates constructive energies as it has relaxing properties to tranquil your body and mind. Cool water essential oil is a precisely new scent for an easygoing day that you can wear anyplace and whenever you feel the urge to relax. It features the smell of mint to ensure that feeling of coolness that will last the entire day, uplifting and revitalizing it. This aromatherapy product will keep you confident and positive with all the practices, be it meditation or prayer activity. 
  • 100% Pure Oil, phthalate, paraben, and sulfate-free.
  • Effective for each skin tone.
  • Best quality body oil.
  • Relaxing fragrance oils.
  • Affordable body oil.

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Notes: High-quality body oil without any chemicals, alcohol, water, or cheap contents. This product is for external use only. If any reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately. No oils are associated with any designer or trademark.

Our huge collection of designer reproductions have the same inspiration & aroma as the expensive original for an affordable price. All are long-lasting fragrance body oils of maximum quality cosmetic perfume oils.

Warnings: Natural oils are highly concentrated and should be used with care.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediately. If pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare practitioner before using. Not for internal use.


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Shayali Gazzle
Active body oil

If you are an active person who always likes to play and hits the gym, this oil should be used regularly for boosting the skin and mind. This can be an answer for your insomnia, body ache and mental stability. Sometimes helps in controlling the involuntary movements of the body.

Dear Shayali Gazzle, Thank you for writing this review of our Active Body Oil! We are glad to hear that this product has helped you with insomnia, body aches, and mental stability. We are always happy to hear when our products provide relief and improve our customers' quality of life.