Copal Incense Cone

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Copal is an herbal tree resin that has been held in high regard since ancient times. Copal was often burnt as offerings to the gods and deities. Popularly used as a harmonizing agent, people often burn it in their homes to encourage a friendly and unifying environment.

Its piney and citrusy scent are enough to create a heavenly aura in your room. It is derived from the Protium Copal tree, often found in Mexico and Central America. Trust it to carry bright and uplifting energy with it every time you burn it.

Incense Pro is bound to put it on its shelf due to its famous healing and purifying properties and prepared for your senses to be deeply captivated as soon as you take one sniff of it. The aroma helps you calm physically and spiritually. It is Lovely as it enables you to connect with your past and manifest your future. Purchase this woody aroma today to create a relaxing aura in your home and use it to take a break when needed.

  • 10 Incense Cones in each pack
  • 12 packs in each box
  • Motivates friendliness and unity
  • A clean and earthy scent
  • Healing and Protecting agent
  • Super quality product

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Patsy brown
Great product

The real deal. I can’t get it anywhere else.