Divine Rose Pure Resin Incense

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Sweet-smelling Divine Rose Pure Resin benefits incorporate adjusting, warming, elevating impact on your soul and body. Supernatural advantages include wellbeing, Love, imagination, mystic mindfulness. Ten sticks of "Pure rose Resin Over Stick" incense from Incense Pro.

This phenomenal incense is all hand-made, hand-rolled, and hand plunged utilizing top-notch regular pitches, spices, and essential oils. It is then sun-dried in the Midwest locale of the U.S. The best divine rose pure incense stick has no substance fixings or added substances and is as close as possible to consuming the resin incense, however, in stick structure. Every thick rod is ten inches in length and will drink for an hour longer.

Kindly note that there might be oil or oil buildup on specific bundles as there is no liquor used to dry out the oils. However, it is ordinary, and the divine rose pure incense uses for what it's worth or permits to dry over the long run.

  • Sweet-smelling Benefits: Uplifting, Anti-Depressant, Euphoric, Balancing, Warming.
  • Supernatural Uses involve healing, wellbeing, Love, karma, innovativeness, divination, perceptiveness, security, physic mindfulness. Unadulterated Rose Agarbatti with Natural Aroma.
  • It burns for longer.
  • It is used for different spiritual purposes.
  • Aromatic benefits include balancing, warming, uplifting.
  • Magical benefits include health, Love, luck, creativity, psychic awareness.
  • All Nature sticks are 10 inches long and are made with pure resins, botanicals, and essential oils.
  • 10 sticks per pack

Rose scent has a unique spot in Indian practices. It's anything but an image of Love, harmony, bliss, excellence, and amicability. Its calming, and loosening up resin incense help in reflection and eliminates uneasiness. For these properties, our rose scent is being utilized in aromatherapy for a long time.

Stir your faculties with this heartfelt, warm, and encouraging incense. Mixed using hands down the most flawless high-grade rose oils and petals, generally pre-arranged utilizing the most flawless fixings given commonly. It is an ideal method to escape from the advanced world for some time. Divine rose resin incense is one of the purest forms of smell. It is made out of tree sap and charcoal ingredients used in resin incense sticks.


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High Quality For Sure!

Beautiful incense and arrived very quickly! It burns beautifully and you can tell that it is very high quality. Thank you so much!