Dragons Blood Powder Incense

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Dragon's blood powder incense is used for many purposes. Neopagan witchcraft is especially utilized for performing rituals and doing spellwork. These spells can be for success, protection, sexuality, love, or banishing. At present, it is still used for these purposes, along with many more.


Dragon's blood incense emits a subtle sweet fragrance when it is burned. It is a bit like amber but more soft, natural, and balanced. Burning dragon incense powder emanates a calm and soothing aroma, perfect for relaxation and contemplation. This incense powder is a blend of natural resins, aromatic wood powders, and herbs.

Dragon's blood incense is most known for warding off evil energies and negativities. It attracts sexuality, love, and security. It is even used for exorcism. Moreover, it substitutes low vibrations with positivity. Burning dragon's blood incense powder while performing any task, such as work, will help you gain more focus and interest.

Use only need a pinch of the dragon's blood powder. You can shape the powder into a mound and light the tip. The fragrance will gradually start spreading into the atmosphere. You can also use this incense powder with a charcoal tablet for a bolder burst of fragrance.

  • Protects and wards off negativities
  • A subtle, sweet scent
  • Amplifies love and sexuality

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