Egyptian Incense Burner Tutankhamun

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Tutankhamun stays one of antiquated Egypt's most notable pharaohs. As far as strict convictions, social constructions, material culture, and internment customs, the burial chamber of Tutankhamun furnishes Egyptologists with extraordinary information and comprehension of rulers during the eighteenth tradition.


The Egyptian Burner Tutankhamun makes your day way better by blessing your soul with peace and relaxation. The Incense Burner of Tutankhamun is reasonable for both indoor and outside show, in the entire season climate and environments. The craftsman has a unique plan, dynamic and current, excellent and elegant for adding as a home decoration piece.

You can place our cool incense burner holder anywhere, like in your lounge, office, study table, kitchen, or anywhere in the home when there is an event. This sculpture is sturdy yet minimized for more prominent straightforwardness away. 

This staggering unsupported indoor-open air figure will supplement contemporary, current home stylistic layout. The figurine of Tutankhamun as an incense burner will make an ideal present for your companions, family, or yourself and a loved expansion to porcelain artistry collection to praise housewarming, commemoration, birthday, commitment, or some other extraordinary and valuable minutes in the life.

Tutankhamun Egyptian Incense Burner benefits spiritually by making you aware of your peaceful surroundings when meditating or indulging in yoga exercises. 

  • The Egyptian King Tut's coffin in the form of an Incense burner.
  • The wooden end trims get a good look and size.
  • Incense is not present with the burners.
  • The golden highlights are there, making it an incredible décor.

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Phenomenal Service, Quality Pieces

I received the very well packed incense burner via UPS. It was crushed down on one side in shipping , damaging the piece. I emailed Incense Pro and they took care of it immediately. They are very professional and fast delivery as well. Thank You…. I love this heavy piece, ITS VERY WELL MADE!!!

Thank you so much for appreciating our service and the product. We try to provide the Highest Quality Service and the Best Quality Products.
Thanks a lot for acknowledging our effort.

Nancy Sherburne

I browsed thru the whole collection of stick incense burners and finally determined in this one. There were some others I used to be interested in, however, I kept finding myself going again to that opulent golden head draping of Nefertiti and simply could not withstand ordering it. The charge becomes very low-priced.

Thank you for your feedback - we're glad you found the Tutankhamun burner to be helpful and recommend it!

Truly love it

I purchased this on March,18 and I gave it a little over a month before leaving a review and that I truly love it. I did not have any of the issues with the paint being terrible. It was painted very well. I plan on shopping more for my buddies and family as gifts.

Thank you for your positive review of our Egyptian Incense Burner Tutankhamun! We're glad you're enjoying it!