Garnet Orgonite Pyramid

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Garnet is a precious stone of change, assists with conquering dread, quiets outrage and bad dreams. It supports fearlessness and fortitude, ingrains confidence, and has a stimulant impact. It purifies and directs the working of the chakras. Spot this garnet orgone pyramid in your office or home to gather negative energy from the climate and change it into life energy. The Word Orgone implies life power or life energy generator. It forestalls the unsafe impacts of outflows, diminishes stress, and removes sleep deprivation.


Our best garnet orgonite pyramid helps you with the bloom of life image. Aside from the many advantages, it is likewise a significant expansion to your home. An orgonite pyramid is an association between natural materials, including diamonds, metals, and saps. The metals in a pyramid guarantee that the pearls have a reflection. This way, the impact of the stones becomes a lot more grounded.

The orgonite pyramid benefits your soul and itself changes over adverse energies into positive energy and cleans the air in space. It likewise guarantees better rest around evening time due to the sober environment. It has a recuperating impact and is regularly utilized as a focal point during contemplations.

Garnet Orgone pyramid uses its support in fortifying your energy body by changing over low recurrence energy into a higher recurrence that is more useful for living things, including yourself, pets, and plants.

  • An ideal gem for meditation.
  • It harmonizes chakras.
  • It heals the soul.
  • It induces positive energy.
  • W: 3” 

  • H: 2.5”


Customer Reviews

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Harmonize the soul

This is often used in spiritual practices for its perceived grounding and protective properties. It is believed to help balance and align the root chakra, promoting feelings of stability, security, and self-confidence.

Dear Andrea Dias, Thank you for your review of the Garnet Orgonite Pyramid. I believe that it can be a powerful tool for harmonizing the soul. It can help to balance and align the root chakra, promoting feelings of stability, security, and self-confidence.

Fakir Ali
Confidence Booster

The stone is really mesmerizing with it's looks and power. It helps to boost confidence and keeps the profile high. Also heals the mind.

Dear Fakir Ali, Thanks for the review! The Garnet Orgonite Pyramid is definitely a powerful and mesmerizing stone. It can help to boost your confidence and keep your profile high. It can also help to heal your mind. Thanks for your purchase!

Samin De
Authentic Product

It can predict the ominous impact of something by changing in mood of the user and removes sleep deprivation.

Thank you so much for appreciating our product.