Gold Rain Hem Incense Cone

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Gold rain incense is a bright and spicy fragrance designed to bring luck and fortune by attracting money. It is very beneficial in matters related to your business and work. Nowadays, earning money and finding a job can be a real pressure to deal with it. With it, it brings stress, worries, and fatigue. To make this task much calmer, precise, and faster, we suggest buying our high-quality incense cones. Not only do they solve your financial problems, as they add to the spiritual aspects of oneself, but they also take care of your mental peace.


These aroma products tend to create refreshing auras wherever you light them. Just light the cone and relax physically and mentally! It drives negative energy out of your beloved home. You can use them for religious ceremonies and aesthetic purposes as well. Impress your guests and create a friendly and chill aura in your house when they visit, so they feel welcomed at all times. Buy now before it is too late!

- 10 Incense Cones in each pack

- 12 packs in each box

- Attracts money

- Eradicates nasty/foul smells

- Ideal for aromatherapy lovers

- Excellent quality Incense Cone


Customer Reviews

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Cleo D. Bennett
Quality Incense Cone

I picked these cones at random. WELL, what a choice!!! They’ve changed my opinion on incense cones. These are rich with fragrance. Power yet not over powering. They are of great quality! Wonderful for relaxing moments. I’ll definitely get more.

Thank you!