Golden Amber Resin Incense

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This Golden Amber Resin Incense is perfect for those who want to enjoy amber's benefits without burning it. The incense comes in a beautiful glass jar that can be reused for other purposes. It has a warm, sweet scent that is perfect for relaxation and meditation. The resin is made from tree sap that has been distilled and then combined with natural oils. This makes it ideal for use in diffusers and oil burners. It can also be used to make your own potpourri or sachet. The possibilities are endless!

Weight: 1 Oz


Customer Reviews

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Anna Heathe
Meditation Inducer

Keeps the mind in a calm state for a long time. Helps in meditation classes for aromatherapy. It shows the world as endless opportunities.

Anna Heathe, Thanks for the positive review! We're glad to know that our product is helping to keep the mind in a calm state for a long time. We're excited to see how our product can help in meditation classes for aromatherapy. Thanks again for the great feedback!

Handan Altenik

This fragrance helped me through my hardest possible time by giving me emotional support and strength. Used it regularly for meditation which makes me relax every day.