Hem- Frangipani Incense Hexa

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Are you looking for a natural and traditional way to enjoy the benefits of incense?

If so, then you'll love our Hem-Frangipani Incense Hexa!

These Agarbatti are hand-rolled according to the traditional natural purity masala method, which results in intense scents that quickly fill the room. In addition, our incense sticks mask unpleasant odors, making them perfect for use in the home or office. Plus, when you use an incense burner, the ash can be cleaned up effortlessly.

Each pack of Hem-Frangipani Incense Hexa contains 6 units, each with 20 incense sticks. The burning time is approximately 1 hour.

Features & Benefits:

- Intense scents that quickly fill the room
- Masks have unpleasant odors
- Easy to clean up

How it works: To use, light the incense stick and place it in an incense burner. The intense scent will quickly fill the room, masking any unpleasant odors. When you're finished, the ash can be easily cleaned up.

Try our Hem-Frangipani Incense Hexa today and enjoy the benefits of traditional, natural incense!

Customer Reviews

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Pamela Ronald
Masks bad odor

The scent is quite fascinating and enchanting that helps in mask bad odor.

Dear Pamela Ronald, Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that the Frangipani Incense Hexa masking bad odor well!