Hem- Jasmine Incense Cone

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The most delicate of florals, Jasmine evokes spiritual bliss and pure love. It comes in a sealed bag, ready for your enjoyment and a spiritual experience. Burning Jasmine incense in your house will eliminate all the negative energies that have made a home inside you for a long time.


It possesses the ability to elevate your mood in seconds and relax your body and soul. This floral scent is popular due to its alluring aroma that entices everyone. It has been known to help treat depression and anxiety and actively put people in positive mindsets. Its sweet and romantic fragrance makes it a perfect gift for a loved one.

Our Jasmine Incense Cones are manufactured from resins, wood, and hand-blended to perfection. It is also famous because it is an aphrodisiac. And the cherry on top is; it also has anti-bacterial properties, which can get rid of germs and bacteria in the air. Diffuse it a few moments before guests come and wow them. Purchase it today and see the magic for yourself.  

  • Cone Incense
  • 10 Incense Cones in each pack
  • 12 packs in each box
  • Romantic and Seductive scents
  • Perfect for aromatherapy lovers
  • Best for exercise and meditation

Customer Reviews

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Robert Allaire
Great service

Easiest way to get, sure beats out of driving from place to place looking for insence. Order on-line & receive within a few days. Smells great.

Thanks for appreciating our service & product...:)

Dionne Robinson

Smells so good....

Thank you for your feedback!

Queen Meanie
Smells great. I love it

These smell amazing! Can smell them as soon as I open the drawer that the box is in and I love the scent of Jasmine.