Hem lemongrass Incense Hexa

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Lemongrass is a fragrant tropical grass that yields an oil that scents lemon. Lemongrass Incense Sticks benefits your soul as it uplifts your senses to create a sense of spiritual enlightenment. Our excellent incense sticks are incredible for aromatherapy and to assist you with unwinding and animating positive vibrations.


Benefits of burning Lemongrass Incense aids for air purification, consume our incense sticks during otherworldly or strict exercises. Lemongrass incense sticks have an exceptionally new, lemon-like scent, renewing the air and becoming a characteristic room revitalizer for office and home.

Lemongrass extravagance incense is a typical air freshener and stress reliever. Ward off adverse energy and occupy the space with fragrant happiness. Lemongrass has a regular green fragrance with a trace of citrus. The aroma is known to eliminate a lot of scents from the air. A crisp, uplifting and refreshing aroma that will stir your detects and renew your body and brain.

The lemon-like smell of hem lemongrass incense sticks tenderly waits satisfyingly. The fragrance that spreads noticeably all around mends your whole self and lemongrass is used in superstition practices to remove evil. A positive air helps in lessening melancholy and migraines.

This aroma is well known because of its capacity to dissipate torpidity in youngsters and grown-ups. The scent of this incense stick is known to be somewhat acidic, reviving, lively, fruity, and lemony. 

  • A reviving scent.
  • It guides to sharpness.
  • It improves psychic energy.
  • It aids in meditation and yoga.

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