Hem Mugwort Incense Hexa

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Mugwort is otherwise called "dream weed" for its exceptional capacity to invigorate dreams. It is famous as a smirching spice for its inconspicuous, sweet fragrance and dream-actuating characteristics. Historically, this incense was well-known in Pagan custom utilized in advanced Pagan enchanted practices as incense. Convey to ward against wild monsters, toxins, and stroke.


Hem Mugwort Incense keeps mythical beings and other cruel things from going into houses. Said to fix frenzy and help in astral projection.

Mugwort Incense Sticks smell is reasonable for reflection and unwinding. In some enchanted customs, mugwort incense cone or stick is related to divination and dreaming. To achieve prediction and divinatory achievement, cause an incense of mugwort to consume at your work area or around the space wherein you perform divination ceremonies.

Mugwort was utilized in Anglo-Saxon Britain to fix individuals who had succumbed to "mythical being shot," which is a term used to apply to individuals who had gotten wiped out because of evil substances.

Mugwort incense benefits by its utilization in contemplation, customs, or establishing a loosening up the climate. Mugwort is a local spice, and its leaves are utilized as a regular medication. Its fragrance smoke is hostile to contagious, antibacterial, and against asthma. Mugwort incense cleans your environmental elements and goes about as a fantastic creepy crawly repellent. 

  • It upgrades mystic insight.
  • It makes splendid healing incense.
  • It helps deliver prophetic dreams.
  • It is 9 inches in length.

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