Hem Rose Musk Incense Stick Hexa

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Hem Rose Musk Incense Stick Hexa has a very modern and delicious fragrance. It is a combination of spicy musk and sweet red roses. The scent that emanates from burning the incense sticks is very natural as each stick is hand-rolled by professionals.

You will want to take deep breathes as you can't get enough of this irresistible scent. It helps all your worries temporarily disappear as it clears your head and makes you think better as your mind will be stress-free. It is the perfect scent for relaxation at the end of the day while practicing some self-care.

You can burn this to enhance meditation, yoga, or even some casual time with friends or alone. These incense sticks also include rosemary, which is a fragrant herb that helps refresh the memory. The overall atmosphere created by the aroma makes you feel confident and gives you the ability to stand up for yourself.

The lovely fragrance aids in removing tension by calming your nerves. It restores your power, improves heart function, reduces stress, restores energy, and secures you from negative energy and the evil eye.

  • It helps strengthen concentration and focus.
  • It helps mask unpleasant odors.
  • It makes you feel sexy and awakens all of your senses.
  • This scent contains a touch of lavender.
  • It is also often used to strengthen concentration.
  • These Agarbatti are hand-rolled according to the traditional natural purity masala method
  • When you use an incense burner, the ash can be cleaned up effortlessly.
  • Masks unpleasant odors.
  • Intense scents very quickly.

Customer Reviews

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Catherine J. Chavez
I Love This Incense

Excellent and strong-smelling incense! very good price and a fast delivery time. will definitely be repurchasing once the mine has run out!

Thank you!