Hem Tangerine Incense Stick Hexa

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Tangerine Incense Sticks have cheered and elevating fragrance that advances your satisfaction and leads you to a positive mindset regarding any situation of your life. It empowers flourishing in your money, business, and all circumstances identified with your cash and thus improves your life by inducing positive vibes around you.


Tangerine Incense, meaning is that it has a tangerine-like citrusy scent that refreshes your mind. It has therapeutic properties that allow you to gain mental peace and spiritual enlightenment. The sharp fragrance of brilliant tangerine gives you a crisp shivering inclination. Experience the newness with this tangerine incense. Make yourself agreeable under the tangerine tree, where the sun will amplify its organic product. At the point when you strip the natural product, nectar adheres to your fingers.

Our hem Tangerine incense scent is contemporary and sweet that mitigates your mind and soul. It is an exceptional mix that makes you cheerful and that rapidly veils terrible smells in your vicinity.

The Tangerine incense benefits in many ways as it will quiet you down and mitigate you from any nervousness you might be confronting. It gives help to the individuals who might have gone through enthusiastic injury previously. It is instrumental in treating sleep deprivation, anxious strain, and fretfulness. 

  • It’s a treat to the soul.
  • It drives you on due to its tartness.
  • It has a delicately healing aroma.
  • It restores disposition.

Customer Reviews

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Cool Incense

very strongly scented, good to get out pet smells. one or 2 depending on the room can keep the scent around for a day at least for me. would recommend.

Thank you!