Hem Vanilla Incense Hexa

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Hem's Vanilla Incense has a sweet and enticing aroma. Being the lone zest from the orchid family, Vanilla has an elevating fragrance that brings warmth and bliss. Hem Vanilla Incense is a solid upper, disposes of sleep deprivation, and restrains outrage. Assuming you need to have the sensation of wellbeing, security, and comfortable and elevating air, consume a little Vanilla Incense in your home. Its gentle and sweet aroma fills the environmental factors with pleasantness and bliss.


Our Vanilla Incense stick benefits you emotionally and psychologically to draw in positivity and adoration. It works on the force of the psyche. An incredible decision anytime, Vanilla is viewed as a default for an explanation - a decent one! Individuals have been raving about the great flavor and fragrance of vanilla incense for quite a long time! Similar to the happiness regarding the incredible French Vanilla latté or the scent of newly ground vanilla bean powder, our Vanilla incense won't ever neglect to give tactile fulfillment.

Hem incense is sweet and mitigating with erotically liberal flower high notes. The absolute most mainstream flavor and aroma on the planet, Vanilla is warm and soothing with obscure notes that review faint remedies. Inhaling vanilla incense sticks has been deductively demonstrated to typically lessen and drain these depressing chemicals, as it soothes your sensory system and advances the arrival of serotonin.

  • It invigorates a good mindset.
  • It assists inventiveness and creativity.
  • It expands your imagination. 
  • It balances your chakras.

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Beautiful scent

Soft powdery scent. Lovely.