Hexa Big (White Selenite)

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Selenite is a high vibration gem that can scrub the air, just as purge and reinvent your different precious stones. This selenite slab helps the device free you up to individual change, recuperating enthusiastic injuries, inner harmony, and even interface one to the mystic domain.

These smooth crystal slabs can absorb energy without much stretch and hold your precious stones and gem gems for energy charging. They are helpful for precious stone lattices, reflection, or showpieces. All examples are hand-picked, charged. The selenite bar relies upon the moon stage, also known as selenite moon crystal, and purged for the most impressive and positive energies. This charging plate makes an extraordinary present for precious stone sweethearts. Carries comfort to those that don't have the opportunity to scrub their precious stones.

One can place it on the White Selenite plate, leave it for a couple of hours to charge and purge. Assists one with having a spot to put together and store their gems. Selenite brings mental clearness, clearing disarray and uncovering the master plan behind any issue. Selenite quiets and relieves, bringing a profound harmony and feeling of quietness. Selenite safeguards an individual or space from outside impacts. Selenite opens up the third eye rapidly, gets to a higher self, and can take advantage of the perfect domain—assists with eliminating blockages in the chakras or clear any garbage.

  • Its width is 7.5 inches.
  • Its height is 1 inch.
  • Best for spiritual uplifting.
  • Good for meditation activities.


Customer Reviews

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Railey Den
Helps to heal

Enlightened me to a new world of spiritual life and helped me to deal with my negativity.

Thank you so much for appreciating our product.