Honey Suckle Handmade Fresh Incense

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Elevate your senses with the enchanting aroma of our Honey Suckle Handmade Fresh Incense!

Unveil the magic of real honeysuckle flowers captured in every stick, bringing the essence of fresh blooms into your home.

Features & Benefits:

  • Real Honeysuckle Flowers: Immerse yourself in the authentic aroma of fresh flowers, as our incense is delicately handcrafted with real honeysuckle flowers.
  • Long-Lasting: Unwind and enjoy the captivating fragrance for days on end with each pack containing 8-10 sticks.

How it Works:

  1. Light It Up: Simply ignite the end of the incense stick and let it burn for a few magical minutes.
  2. Blow Out the Flame: Extinguish the flame and place the stick in an incense holder.
  3. Enjoy the Aroma: Let the captivating fragrance fill your space, creating a serene atmosphere that lingers for hours.

Choose Your Pack:

  • 1 Pack: Experience the magic with approximately 15-17 sticks.
  • 3 Packs: Indulge in the blissful aroma with approximately 45-51 sticks.
  •  Jumbo Pack: Immerse your surroundings in a symphony of scents with approximately 100-120 sticks.


Customer Reviews

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Dana Richard
Long Lasting Aroma

The sticks last really long and help in spirituality. Also works as spiritual healer.

Dear Dana Richard, Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that our handmade incense sticks last long and are also helpful for spirituality.