Incense Burner- Elephant (Aluminum)

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This aluminum incense holder comprises around level with a little elephant on it. It's gold in shading and contains adornments suggestive of strict Asia. The elephant is given an opening where you can put the incense stick at a point. The debris falls on the level. The elephant incense stick holder is uniquely intended to consume incense sticks securely.


This delightfully created incense stick holder is most likely going to engage you. It makes for an intriguing table piece that improves the appearance of your home and pooja room. It is a spotless and safe approach to consume incense as the debris is gathered in a walled-in area without making a wreck. It is reasonable for home, office, teahouse, contemplation, yoga room, lodging, library, and so on.

Lit an incense cone, clean air, reviving, keep a charming body and brain. Impeccable artistry can be a traditional decoration, with contemplation and help to doze impact. Old Egyptians and Romans would "aroma" the air with the incense they consumed. They accepted that the consecrated smoke of incense would raise all-encompassing vibrations and help you in their otherworldly practice. Consuming incense is an excellent method to smear, and it associates you with people who have a great and lovely manner. 

  • It embellishes your prayer room.
  • It soothes your sense using incense.
  • It is a good addition to the room's beauty.
  • The elephant on top makes it unique among other holders.

Customer Reviews

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Alissar Alam
Ethnic product

This holder takes you to the southeast part of Asia and makes you feel like you in a pooja room or shrine. The elephant and the level of the burner is well crafted and the product is seasoned for long use. Loved it.

Dear Alissar Alam, Thank you for your review! We're glad you appreciate our elephant incense burner - it's made with a level of craftsmanship and seasoning that make it a long-lasting product.

Smith Judy
Real quick delivery

Got the package in time and with considerable packaging.

Thank you!