Iron Pyrite (Fools Gold)

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  • 1 piece
  • Color: Gold
  • Energies: Power, Protection

Sturdy stone to promote fine wondering. Very defensive stone, shielding the consumer from the poor electricity of a wide variety. It blocks power leaks and mends auric tears. Carry Pyrite in your pocket to guard you against each environmental pollutants and bodily risk. Pyrite also promotes precise bodily health and emotional properly-being.

The resemblance of pyrite to gold has made it a conventional image for cash and precise good fortune. It is sunny golden color buddies it with the sun, and with fortification and strengthening of the mind. The call comes from the Greek phrase meaning "a stone which moves hearth".

Iron Pyrite makes a super strength guard, blocking out negativity from various resources. Some of it's homes encompass:

  • Overcomes inertia and feelings of inadequacy
  • Energizes the region in which you location it (such as on a desk where you work)
  • Helps you to see behind a facade

Pyrite Suns: These delightful pyrite pieces contain golden rays in the form of a rising sun! Pyrite suns were as soon as a concept to be fossilized sand bucks or lily pads. Mineralogists now trust that they are pyrite crystals fashioned among layers of slate and coal that in reality had no room to grow in the conventional cubes that one commonly unearths pyrite. shaped 350 million years in the past deep inside the coal mines of Illinois, America, each is precise!

Restoration with Iron Pyrite: Use this stone to conquer lethargy and fatigue. It will increase the oxygen supply to the blood and strengthens the circulatory device. It is far beneficial for the lungs, assuaging bronchitis and asthma.


Customer Reviews

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Knox Artiste

The stone works as a shield against the devils. Pyrite is known as a defensive stone. Protects from facades.

Dear Knox Artiste, Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that the Iron Pyrite (Fools Gold) stone is protective and helps to protect from facades.

Grade Smith
Lovely cluster

I love this cluster crystal. I didn’t know Iron Pyrites is such an effective crystal. Brity enlightened me with lots of knowledge. So loved this place! Will be back!

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad you found our Iron Pyrite (Fools Gold) cluster crystals to be lovely and informative. We hope to see you back here soon!