Japanese Incense- Myrrh

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These Japanese Myrrh Japanese Incense Sticks are formulated from an ancient Indian recipe. It is a blend of essential oils, resins, and herbs, strictly without chemicals. Myrrh is known for cleansing and purifying a space, especially for any form of meditation, prayer, or ritual. It purifies the environment by getting rid of any dirty energy.


Myrrh has a very formidable and potent smoke known for healing, wealth, success, and growth. The fragrance of burning myrrh can help one loosen up and get rid of any uneasiness for a stress-free mind and soul as it aids in calming one's nerves.

Myrrh has a warm, spicy, and woody fragrance. Myrrh is special and unique since it was gifted to Jesus upon his birth by the three revered men. It enhances deposition, passion and also helps boost the powers of other incense blends that it is paired with.

  • It smells sweet and woodsy
  • It helps enhance your confidence
  • It helps relieve anxiety or any kind of stress
  • It helps restore positive energy and an optimistic attitude
  • It is uplifting

Customer Reviews

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Richard Auther
Uplifting aroma

The aroma has the power of inciting your cheerfulness and sporty side of yours.

Dear Richard Auther, Thank you for your review of Japanese Incense- Myrrh. We're glad to know that you enjoy its uplifting aroma.