Tibetan Jasmin Incense

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Do you want to relax and meditate on the ancient Tibetan way?

With Jasmin Incense Sticks, you can! Made from natural herbs, plants, leaves, and spices, this organic blend is supervised by Lama Yogi and is good for meditation and relaxation. The ingredients are from Himalayan and the method is an ancient Tibetan medical method, so you know it's the real deal. The incense sticks are non-toxic and made in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Features & Benefits:
- Made from natural herbs, plants, leaves, and spices: You can trust that the ingredients are natural and high-quality.

- Supervised by Lama Yogi: You can be sure that the product is authentic and made according to ancient Tibetan methods.

- Good for meditation and relaxation: The incense sticks can help you to relax and focus during meditation.

- Made from natural herb, plants, leaves and spices.
- Ingredients are from Himalayan
- it’s an organic blend
- Followed ancient Tibetan medical method
- Supervised by Lama Yogi
- Good for meditation and Relaxation.
- non toxic
- Made in Kathmandu, Nepal

How it works: The incense sticks are lit, and the smoke is allowed to waft around the room. The scent of the incense sticks is said to help with relaxation and meditation.

Try Jasmin Incense Sticks for yourself and experience the ancient Tibetan way of relaxation and meditation.



Customer Reviews

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Erica Irine
Perfect blend for Aromatherapy

The herbs that are used in this incense create an alluring sweet smell with medicinal value. The mixture works as a powerful tool for aromatherapy and yoga sessions.

Dear Erica Irine, Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you enjoy the smell of our incense and that it has been helpful for your yoga sessions.