Mandala- Sun Tapestry

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Psychedelic sun Tapestry is charming to the touch and sufficiently sturdy to be utilized as a home adornment in all seasons. Our talented specialists handcraft this cotton embroidery. These inside decorations are flexible and stand the trial of time for indoor and open-air use.

This incredible piece of craftsmanship can is helpful as a banner, decorative liner, or divider design. Our vintage sun tapestry will change your divider, room, or bed. It can likewise be utilized to isolate spaces inside your home. It is an ideal present for all events like picnics, home layout to hold tight the divider.

Sun tapestry black and white can likewise be given for birthday events, Christmas, and so forth. This woven artwork is extraordinary for wall decoration, as divider artistry and divider beautification. The mandala embroidered artwork should bring a feeling of serenity and harmony when you see it, so it's critical to utilize images and plans that bring out those feelings inside you.

Recuperating mandala tapestry is intended to advance contemplation. The methods, tones, and examples used in spiritually healing mandalas have a reason for promoting inspiration, accordingly improving the mending energy in a space.

  • Its size is 150x 100 cm.
  • Suitable to be used as a wall hanging.
  • Psychedelic style.
  • Beneficial for both outdoors and indoors.

Customer Reviews

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Moya rui
Spiritual Healer

The sun tapestry can be used as a wall hanger in the hollow space of rooms. The color orientation and pattern can induce a soothing environment in the house.

Dear Moya rui, Thank you for your feedback! We're glad you're enjoying the sun tapestry.

Dawna J. Rodriguez
I’m in love with my Tapestry!

Amazing Item! Great price. Phenomenal customer service, Thanks so much for the help/size suggestion. It’s perfect. Will definitely be back!

Thank you!