Mano Poderosa Oil

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Almighty Hand/Mano Poderosa Oil helps gain Holy safety, blessings & purification. To get rid of all evil spirits that would be annoying your intellectual and bodily nicely-being and surround you with high-quality power as a way to begin converting your life.

Say this prayer when you use our spiritual oil, "O Powerful Hand of God! I vicinity my Christian soul before you, and in my depression and anguish, I implore you to resource me along with your almighty electricity. At your feet, I vicinity the devotion of my sorrowful heart that it is probably added from my suffering. May the loving-kindness of your electricity assist me and deliver me electricity and understanding to stay in peace and happiness. Amen." 

Hand of Jesus uses its assistance to saints, with angels & equipment of crucifixion. That means if the writing is similar to in historical times, magical safety, and benediction. One of the maximum iconic symbols in each Mexican and Puerto Rican people's artwork is the Mano Poderosa or the All-Powerful Hand, and even as it does have many Catholic "Christian" elements, and it's primarily based totally on the Cult of Saint Ann and the Holy Family.

The Mano Poderosa, as we comprehend it nowadays,  is a historical image of safety, and its concept changed into introduced to Mexico and the Caribbean through Spanish and different European settlers and missionaries who settled in Latin America. Traditionally used to get dressed candles, anoint the frame or objects, sprinkle on amulets and hands.

  • Helps raise your spirit.
  • Brings peace and serenity to the soul.
  • Historically utilized for safety.
  • Top-quality spiritual oil.

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    Feira G.
    Spiritual oil

    To get rid of the evils and negative energies, this oil works like magic. Keeps away the negative powers and keeps protected.

    Dear Feira G., Thanks for the review! I've used this oil myself and it does seem to work as promised. I definitely recommend it if you're looking for an extra layer of protection against evil energies!

    mimi career

    Smells very refreshing and I love it!