Crystal Massage Wand (White Selenite)

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Our Selenite Wand for chakra balancing is ideal for a wide range of energy purging. It is one of the few minerals that can rapidly unblock stagnant energy and eliminate negative energy. Selenite stones additionally incredibly amplify the power of whatever is put upon them. 

The Selenite massage wand cleansing has a significant impact on the mind and body as it is a real gem for any precious stone assortment. Mined and cleaned in Morocco, this Selenite wand will help you with stress alleviation, assurance from negative energy and can assist with initiating your crown chakra.

It would help if you kept this Selenite mending stone close to your bed as a selenite wand for sleep is beneficial. It is a stone of mental clearness of which upgrades mental adaptability and empowers solid dynamic capacities. Selenite, glossy silk fight, desert rose are altogether assortments of the mineral gypsum; every one of the four assortments shows a clear glasslike structure. 

The four 'glasslike' mixtures of gypsum are some of the time assembled and called selenite. Precious stone wands are cut from standard gemstones to frame a staggering wand shape. Massage Wands are great to hold when you need center or lucidity. It is helpful in precious stone recuperating to coordinate the energy of healing. These wands help clean other gemstones, and the selenite wand provides protection. 

  • Its size is approximately 6 inches.
  • Hold it while meditating to promote serenity.
  • Massage your back to relieve stress.
  • It provides assurance and healing.


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Chun Lee
Empowers my thoughts

Coordinates my focus and helps me to build my dreams into real. Love this one.

Thank you so much for appreciating our product.