Moon Incense Cone

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  • Cone incense
  • Each Pack contains 10 incense cone
  • Each Box has 12 Packs
  • Good for Aroma Therapy
  • Meditation Relaxation Religion
  • High-Quality Incense

The Moon incense cones imported from India. This is an aromatic blend of rich Indian Spices and exceptional floral essences. Moon incense is mixed to correspond to the planet moon and the moon goddess. It is able to be burned as an offering to the moon goddess or utilized in rituals below the moon. The silvery glow of attraction has involved man via a long time. In the cool swirls of this incense, you could revel in moments of blissful tranquility, as your thoughts remain sparkling and loose. The Moon incense cones evoke the scent of a light, cool musk with sharp floral tones.

Each pack comes with 10 incense cones and a small metallic burner. Each cone burns approx forty five-fifty minutes.


Customer Reviews

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Wonderful smell

This incense is wonderful, a light aroma and very relaxing. My daughter loves this, it's her favourite to burn when she's feeling anxious or stressed.