Palo Santo Resin

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Palo Santo Resin is the perfect blend of mystical aroma and spiritual energy. Harvested from the sacred Palo Santo tree, this resin has been used for centuries in South America for its healing properties and ability to elevate the mood and purify spaces. Light it up and let its sweet, woody scent transport you to a place of inner peace and calm. Perfect for meditation, yoga, or to create a relaxing atmosphere, Palo Santo Resin is essential for anyone looking to bring a touch of the spiritual into their daily routine.


Palo Santo Resin offers numerous benefits:

  1. Aromatherapy: Its sweet, woody scent helps to uplift the mood and relieve stress.
  2. Purification: It's believed to have cleansing properties, used to purify spaces and remove negative energy.
  3. Spiritual Connection: Historically used in indigenous spiritual rituals, it can aid in meditation and connecting with the divine.
  4. Relaxation: This can create a calming and peaceful atmosphere, ideal for yoga, meditation, or simply unwinding.
  5. Versatile: Can be used in a variety of ways, including as incense, melted onto a charcoal disk, or added to oil burners.
  6. Eco-Friendly: Harvested from sustainable sources, it's a natural and environmentally conscious alternative to synthetic fragrances.

Customer Reviews

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Mary Ruth
Purify spaces

One of the most powerful blends of healing body and soul. Also has the power to purify the space and soul. Perfect product to use in aromatherapy.

Dear Mary Ruth, Thank you for your kind words about our product! We're so glad to hear that it's been helpful for you in both body and soul. We're also glad to know that it has the power to purify your space. We hope you continue to enjoy using it in your aromatherapy sessions!