Sage & Cedar

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Utilized in old customs and events, white sage boosts energies to both the negative and the positive adjust in excellent equilibrium. When cedar and sage smudge merges, this smear stick offers an opportunity to fit powers into making a tight and warm space for rituals. A delicate hearty fragrance abandons to give healing properties to your soul and mind. The smoke is helpful to favor, purge and recuperate the individual being smirched.

Cedar Sage smudge is used to 'wash off the rest of the world when one enters function or other hallowed space. Items are moreover washed off with sage medication smoke to free them of undesirable influences. The plants that are called sage can emerge out of altogether different groups of plants. Cedar is a medication of assurance. Cedar trees are old, savvy, and unique spirits.

Cedar and sage smudge benefits you and aids to purify your home when initially moving in, welcoming undesirable spirits to leave, and ensuring an individual, spot, or item from undesirable impacts. It's a two-in-one fragrance, and this is all you need to make you feel at ease in your personal space. The negative energies are eliminated with the cleansing impacts of sage and cedar smudge stick, and the energetic dust of cedar welcomes positive vibes. Please do not waste any further time and head to our website to order yours!

  • Purifies soul and body.
  • Spiritually beneficial.
  • Ancient ceremonial smudging stick
  • Makes ceremonies most energetic and pure.

Customer Reviews

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Marzia Karim
Huge variations

One thing I wanna say that, this shop has so much variations to have spiritual items.
Constant update is to be suggested.

Thank you!

Love this

Shipping was much quicker than expected, and the stick was way bigger than I thought it would be. The smell was better than previous sage and cedar sticks I've used.

Thanks for the review! We're glad you love the product.

John Alaron
Exclusive finding

Highly recommending the place and highly recommending the product. It’s so good so good! Unbelievable!

Thank you for your kind words! We're so glad you're enjoying our sage and cedar diffuser.