Sage & Sweetgrass

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Sweetgrass gets its name from its sweet-smelling aroma and is a significant substance in an assortment of New Age mending rehearses and spiritual healing science. Sage is utilized to plan individuals for services and lessons. Since it is more stimulating and more grounded than sweetgrass, it is used all the more frequently in functions.


Sage is utilized for removing what is disturbing the brain and for eliminating negative energy. It helps in purifying homes and holy things. It likewise has other restorative employments.

Sweetgrass braid uses include its use in supplication, smudging, and sanitizing events. It is generally plaited, dried, and consumed. It is typically copied toward the start of supplication or service to draw in specific energies. White sage and sweetgrass mix to decontaminate the home. It additionally has numerous helpful therapeutic employments.

Sweetgrass smudging benefits harmonizing energies in your home and provides spiritual healing. Since a long time ago, prized in Native American functions, sweetgrass is known for its unquestionably sweet fragrance. It very well may be discovered all over the U.S. in wet meadows, low grasslands, lakeshores, and gullies. In any case, if wild collecting isn't on your radar, you can think that it's accessible dried. Sweetgrass mending prayers have a healing impact on your soul. It's recognizable by its unmistakable woven mesh that keeps the grasses together. 

  • Two-in-one smudging pack.
  • Castaway negative spirits.
  • Refreshing aroma.
  • Purifies soul, welcoming positive vibes.

Two-in-one sweet-smelling fun, this pack of Sage and Sweetgrass is all you need to engage in some serious space smudging action. Cast away negative energies and bad spirits with this essentials-packed smudge stick. With Sage for cleansing and purification and Sweetgrass for welcoming in positivity, you can get rid of energetic dust and leave your home feeling fresher after just one use.


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Great Fragrance

Wonderful fragrance either you use it to cleanse your room as a smudge for peace.

Thanks for your review! We're glad you like the fragrance and find it helpful in cleansing your room.

Alvin Edgar
Great combination

Sage and sweetgrass- one of the best combination ever. I lived it a lot.
Thanks incensepro!

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked the product.