Satya- Musk Incense

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Satya musk incense sticks were the perfect aphrodisiac in ancient times, as burning them creates a sensual atmosphere. Satya incense sticks are made in India by highly skilled labour. They hand roll all the dry ingredients together and then mix them with essential oils to make a paste and roll onto a bamboo stick. Nagchampa is Satya's most popular fragrance. Burning musk incense sticks spread a sense of courage, empowerment, vitality, aphrodisiac, and heighten sexual desire.

Burning musk incense sticks open a spiritual realm that promotes mindfulness and awareness of all senses. In ancient times it used to symbolize protection, purification, and healing. Instead, it stimulates peace and joy from within, without even realizes one forgets about all of his worries.

The soothing aroma lingers in the room even after the incense stick burns out, and it relaxes one's nerves. It is like getting a massage to unwind and take a breath of serenity. Musk's incense can be lit whether one wants a good time to his or herself or with friends and family.

  • A gentle woodsy aroma
  • Perfect for meditation, yoga, and similar spiritual activities
  • Symbolizes security, healing, and cleansing
  • Made in India
  • Each pack is 15 grams (12 sticks in each pack)
  • 12 packs in a box
  • Popular for its aroma

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Smells Wonderful

Really nice fragrance. Arrived quickly. Recommended.