Satya- Tulsi Incense

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Satya Tulsi incense is a popular scent, especially in India. Tulsi, also called holy basil, is a plant with many beneficial and medicinal properties. Tulsi incense sticks can be lit daily as they help purify the environment and even aid in recovering from illnesses quicker.
It is a natural healer, as it also detoxifies the body and soul from any negative thoughts. It promotes one to be more aware and alert as it heightens all senses. Tulsi Satya incense sticks are hand-made by highly skilled laborers.

They use the Indian traditional masala method for an authentic incense experience. Pure ingredients, such as essential oils, flowers, herbs, and fragrances, are blended to make these incense sticks. Tulsi incense sticks are famous for their solid therapeutic benefits. The subtle smoke slowly spreads all around the space and cleanses the environment from germs and any low vibrations.

The aromatic scent boosts one's thinking process, aids in more connected praying as it stimulates a deeper connection with oneself and the universe. Enjoy your life, observe your surroundings, and appreciate this world with this herby fragrance that joyfully sprinkles the air.

  • Slightly sweet, woodsy, and mild scented
  • A natural healer
  • Soul, mind, and body purifier
  • It emanates positivity
  • Stimulates a lovely, peaceful atmosphere

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Very pleasant

Very pleasant and soothing. I liked the mild and gentle fragrance of Tulasi.