Satya - White Sage Incense

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Looking for a natural way to cleanse your space and promote positive energy?

Look no further than Satya - White Sage Incense. This powerful incense is made with only the finest ingredients and has been used for centuries to cleanse and purify spaces.

The Satya - White Sage Incense comes in a 15-gram package and is made in India.

Features & Benefits:
- Cleanses and purifies spaces
- Made with only the finest ingredients
- Comes in a 15-gram package

How it works: Satya - White Sage Incense is burned to cleanse and purify spaces. The smoke from the incense is thought to absorb negative energy and promote positive energy.

Try Satya - White Sage Incense today and see the difference!

Customer Reviews

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Mombati Roy
Purifies soul

The souls are being cleaned and create a sacred surrounding. The incense is a natural one.

Dear Mombati Roy, Thank you for the review. We're glad to hear that the Satya White Sage Incense is helping to purify the soul.