Selenite Orgonite Pyramid

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Selenite is a gemstone known for inhibiting the energy of the moon, promoting recovery and balance. Selenite is most closely related to the crown chakra, which symbolizes spirituality, wisdom, and the third eye chakra.


The colorless enchantment and translucency of Selenite are usually attributed to holiness and calm in both color theory and metaphysical beliefs. Selenite is perfect to utilize when meditating or trying to clear your mind mentally.  Certain people believe that Selenite compels one to be more honest and transparent with themselves.  Orgone (Bio-energy) is built to spread positive energy and eliminate any low vibrations that may cause fatigue, headaches, lack of focus, etcetera.

Thus, it promotes a healthy and balanced way of life. Our homes are full of dangerous EMF pollution emanating from our phones, WiFi, and other electronics. Orgonite aids in absorbing that harmful energy and clearing the atmosphere for pleasant living. The negative energy is transmuted into productive and healing wavelengths.

Selenite Orgone pyramids can also be used to focus on particular energy, for instance, recharge gemstones, chakra healing or reiki, purifying the environment, or meditation.

  • Eliminates harmful EMF waves and negative energy
  • Spreads healing, protective vibrations
  • Inhibits moons energy
  • Promote a balanced way of life
  • W: 3” 

  • H: 2.5”


Customer Reviews

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Charlotte Enem
Third Eye Chakra

The selenite stone upholds the power of the moon. It reflects holiness with it's crystal properties. Helps in metaphysical mind set up.

Dear Charlotte Enem, Thank you for your review! The Selenite Orgonite Pyramid is a great way to improve your spiritual well-being.

Ashley Raymond
Quality product

This stones are authentic and can be really useful at times.