Song of India- Incense Sticks - 25 Gram

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Song of India incense sticks has a beautiful fragrance that complements and combines with human olfactory perceptions. It's like entering Heaven when you go inside the room! For a neutral potpourri, keep a package in your car, room, or workstation. After a month, light it to create a wonderful ambiance around you.

Natural incense is made with essential oils, resins, and wood powders. Hand-rolled materials are applied to the thin bamboo sticks. They create a pleasant, calm, and sacred ambiance in temples, homes, and workplaces. The most delicate sandalwood powder, fragrant roots, resins, herbs, and natural floral oils are used to hand roll Song of India Incense in India.

This incense will waft into every room in your house when you burn it in your home. It purifies the air, is ideal for improving meditation, and provides serenity and love to every area of your home. Perfect incense creates a meditative environment and clearing blocked energy from your house, office, or personal belongings.

The aroma is lovely, like if you've just entered an Indian temple. An Indian temple's lovely, unique smell. Song of India is a well-liked incense scent! Even before they're burned, these highly scented incense sticks have a wonderful aroma. Their fragrant scent will rejuvenate and raise the energy in any area once lit. These hand-rolled incense sticks are made with a blend of botanicals, herbs, and spices.

  • Used to enhance the ambiance
  • Ideal for meditation
  • Purifies air

Customer Reviews

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Durre Shehwar
Ambient aroma

The incense uplift the ambiance of the surrounding. It induces peace and helps in meditation. This also helps in purifying air.

Dear Durre Shehwar, Thank you for your review! I'm glad you enjoyed the incense sticks and found them helpful in your meditation and air purification needs.