Sun Catcher - Life of Flower

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Precious stones, crystals sun catchers are valuable to invigorate a home or room and are ideal for improving the energy or chi in any room. Excellent resin and metal sun-catcher in the legendary flower of life plan.

We produce it by using a progression of covering circles in rainbow tones. An enormous gem on top is adorned by more modest precious stones and a silver Life of flower adornment. Life of flower sun-catcher refers to the world as having great structure, extent, and concordance made out of covering circles.

Many of you trust it's the visual portrayal of the associations that go through all life on Earth. This life of flower best a bunch of gems that radiance and sparkle in the sun. It functions admirably as a sun catcher or Christmas trimming. Drape it in your office or apartment - it's particularly excellent when hanging in the window or before a light. This splendid sun-catcher will show a rainbow of shimmering colors when turned in a window with the sun radiating through it.

The handmade life of the flower light catcher is splendid window enrichment and would make a magnificent blessing. Regardless of what you need, authentic crystal sun-catchers are the awesome ones among other dream catchers. They will change and enhance the energy in your space. Additionally, they make rainbows in your home shimmer everywhere on the dividers, which, if you have little ones, they love it!

  • Life of flower means it imparts positivity on life.
  • It makes your kid fall in love with the rainbow by crystal sun-catchers.
  • Can be gifted at ceremonies and events.
  • Size is 41x8.8cm/16x3.4 inches

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