Sun Catcher - Tree of Flower

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Have you at any point seen those little gem balls hanging in a window that makes rainbows on the dividers? It is a sun-catcher, a tree of life sun-catchers, meaning is that it is a tiny glass or nacre piece that is hung inside at windows to "get the light" from a close-by source.


It is accepted that the Southwestern Native Americans first made sun-catchers. Fortunately, with only one little change in your home, such as hanging up a tree of life dreamcatcher, you can make a far-reaching influence of change in your life.

When you do this, you give your psyche a shock of purifying and development, subliminally motivating yourself to make shifts and make a significant move in your life. It can initiate positive energy or separate negative energy.

Our copper wire tree of life sun-catcher can help balance zones that need light and shading. The multidimensional light can quiet or offset your territory with an excessive amount of explosive energy. You can fix specific points in the home with the highlighted precious stones on your sun-catcher with crystals.

The tree on top of the sun-catcher is hand-made and interesting as little stars embellish our sun-catcher. Unique! The Tree of Life is a general image found in numerous practices throughout the planet. It represents life itself, with its branches going after the sky and its underlying foundations covered in the earth. The tree is an image of adoration, resurrection, strength, cunning, and fellowship. 

Tree of life sun-catcher crystals can transmit light into the home and make excellent rainbow crystals. 

  • It makes your life worth living by strengthening your soul.
  • It's a rainbow maker as light passes through it.
  • Window hanging decoration piece.
  • Make any place's ambiance clean and refreshing.
  • Size is 5x28.5cm/ 2x11.2 inch

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Bela mave
My baby likes it

After I hung it in my room, my baby likes it due to it’s lights reflection and pattern making.