Tangerine Incense Cone

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If you are looking for a smell to rejuvenate your spirits and uplift your mood in a second, you are at the right place. This juicy and tangy odor is sure to make your mouth water. Tangerine scent has the power to make your stomach rumble with hunger.


Its enticing smell with notes of citrus can entice your sense of smell in a millisecond. It cheers you up and radiates positive energy throughout your room. Another way to enjoy this scent is to mix it with other charming odors.

Burning frankincense and sandalwood will blend well with Tangerine. It is mainly famous due to its cleansing properties. It supports a healthy immune and respiratory system when inhaled. It shields you from foul energies that steal your peace away. Allow this sweet-smelling aura to take over your senses and take out all the regrettable power inside you. Get ready to feel a sensation of warmth and happiness as you smell the zesty and refreshing scent of freshly picked Tangerine.

This is the perfect aroma to encourage light and carefree mood in your house. Purchase now and avail its benefits today!

  • Reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Radiates a fantastic and fun vibe
  • Chilling and refreshing aura
  • Fruity odor
  • Perfect for aromatherapy sessions
  • Each pack contains ten incense cones
  • Each box has 12 packs

Customer Reviews

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Rachel Lee
Strong & long lasting smell

Smells very good