Vanilla Incense cone

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Vanilla is not only everyone’s favorite ice cream flavor but scent too! Vanilla is a native of Central and South America. It seems like the Aztecs acquired it in the 15th century. Most vanilla beans are available in Mexico and Madagascar.

Our vanilla incense has a creamy, comforting, and warm smell. It possesses more complexity than a simple sugar cookie. It also has slightly exotic nuances in it. Even science has proven that it profoundly affects your nerves and makes you calmer.

This universally pleasant smell is often burnt with floral incense to make a classic rich odor. We think every female should have at least one vanilla essence at home due to its ability to arouse sensuality feelings.

Our aroma products are well-blended and showcase the sweet vanilla without smelling overly feminine or bakery-like. This sophisticated odor is perfect for when you are celebrating significant events with your lady friends.

Diffuse it to encourage a sugary and fun vibe in your house. Mixing it with other odors will only make it more attractive as it is a light fragrance that is versatile and does not overpower your senses. Buy today and explore the milky essence of vanilla!

  • Creamy and light smell
  • Light and refreshing odor
  • Feminine scent
  • Sweet and sugary aroma
  • Each pack contains ten cones
  • Each pack contains a metal burner plate

Customer Reviews

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Miranda Hill
Smells great. I love it

Smells great and scent flows throughout the entire apartment.