Velas Astrales Court Intention Candle

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Velas Astrales Court Intention Candle is a unique product that can help you to focus on your intention and achieve your desired results. The candle has been crafted with natural ingredients and features a powerful combination of essential oils that work together to create a potent tool for manifestation. When you light the candle, inhale the fragrance and focus on your intention, you will open yourself up to limitless possibilities.

The Velas Astrales Court Intention Candle can help you to:

-Attract abundance and prosperity into your life

-Create positive change and bring about transformation

-Open yourself up to new opportunities

-Achieve your goals and manifest your desires

So light the candle, set your intention, and watch as the Velas Astrales Court Intention Candle helps you to create the life you desire.


Customer Reviews

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Wong Buck
Promotes properity

Brings out positive change and sustains the energy for long run. Helps to avail new opportunities.

Dear Wong Buck, Thank you for the review! This candle is definitely a great way to promote positive change and keep your energy sustained. I'm sure you'll be able to avail new opportunities with its help.