Velas Astrales Dinero

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Our top-selling Velas Astrales Dinero candles are a must-have to be added to your daily spiritual and meditation activities. The candle is a mood enhancer that transitions your mood from being all gloomy to being happy.


It is a wish candle specifically utilized for bringing money into your life. Get ready to welcome new clients that will help you enhance and improve your business merely by lighting up this candle that promotes feelings of well-being. Indulge your faculties in the aroma of this Dinero candle to help you attain a positive state of mind, eliminating the negative emotions that surround you.

You can use dinero candle in your daily life business dealings to get prosperity and success in building positive relationships and acts as an anti-depressant to keep you away from the stress. We call it a money candle as it brings a good amount of money for you. Velas Astrales benefits you by relaxing your tensed soul and body, surrounding you with serenity, and helps clear your mind from negativity.

  • Luxurious quality candle.
  • Promote positivity.
  • Money gaining candle.
  • Help achieve unfulfilled desires.
  • Effective candle for money, doing good in business, and getting more clients.
  • Velas Astrales Dinero Tripple Accion Candle is used for Business, prosperity, and success.
  • Achiever Achieve the objectives that have been proposed.
  • Money Candle

Customer Reviews

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Rita Coak
Money gaining candle

Promotes positivity and money achieving power. High quality ingredients with luxurious aroma.

Dear Rita Coak, This candle is a great way to promote positive energy and money achieving power. The high quality ingredients and luxurious aroma make it a great choice for any candle lover.

Sandy Beach
My absolute favourite candle

My absolute favourite candle scent. I have a larger one in my home and guests always say how good it smells. I bought as a gift for co-workers and they love it too.