Velas Astrales Reversal Candle

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Strengthen your relationships with your close ones to build healthy relations spiritually. Be it your partner or family members; this candle will make you fall in love with the surroundings filling you with love and positivity. If you ever feel like someone casts a spell on you, use this candle to turn around any harmful magic bringing peace to your senses. If you identify some evil spell cast on you, use our reversal candle to remove them.

The Velas Astrales Reversal Candle flame contains the most potent forces that are helpful to diminish malice and curses that surround you and your soul. The spiritual benefits of the Reversal candle are infinite as it helps soothe your mind and body, eliminating stress. When condemnation or misfortune situations prevail, use our top-liked and unmatched Velas Astrales candle that is a life-saver for you.

The hurt and agony caused due to the spells of enemies are diminished using our reversal candle. You can work on building a healthy relationship by drawing in your friends and family by the scent of this candle. Maintain your relationships with this heavenly Velas Astrales reversal candle. The unfulfilled ambitions that you have been waiting to fulfill are accomplished with this reversing candle.

  • Reverse evil spells.
  • Attract loved ones.
  • Reverse jinxes and bad luck.
  • Keep your enemies away.
  • Remove harmful and evil factors from life.
  • Good for reversing any spell.
  • This candle is prepared with the most potent essences to reverse all evils, jinxes, curses, and bad luck.
  • Be protected against any spells or enemies trying to do you harm.

Customer Reviews

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Ricardo Bay
Reversal candle

This candle can reverse the effect of malice and curses. Even it can protect from negative aura of evil people.

Dear Ricardo Bay, Thank you for the review! This candle is a great way to protect yourself from negative energy.

Bella bose

It worked and I will definitely buy another one.
Hope it works for you as well.