Vitamin E Carrier Oil

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Vitamin E carrier oil is also called the Skin Vitamin oil, a cancer prevention agent and a most popular supplement for keeping up skin wellbeing and fortifying invulnerability. Vitamin E carrier oil sustains and improves the development of new skin and hair.

Vitamin E carrier oil has benefits skin by mitigating and forestalling dryness, chipping, and consuming; it advances the appearance of a young, brilliant composition just as better and more radiant strands. Utilized in massages, Vitamin E is pertinent for boosting energy and endurance and fortifying muscles. It recovers the maintenance of muscles that have been harmed by work out, working with recuperating, and perhaps decreasing the presence of scars. Utilized restoratively, Vitamin E benefits your hair and is ideal for you in treating irritation, aggravation, and flaky patches of skin.

We recommend that mixing Vitamin E carrier oil with Vitamin C can fill in as a characteristic sunscreen and can diminish hyperpigmentation from your skin. In case you are bold and appreciate remaining out in the sun for extended periods, this can be your new dearest companion! Remedial and reviving, Vitamin E carrier oil makes an ideal substitute for a regular night cream.

  • Contains potassium, biotin, sulfur for improving skin and hair.
  • Anti-cancer carrier oil.
  • Re-establish damaged skin.
  • Eliminates dryness.
  • Treats wounds.

Disclaimer: The information provided is general and should not be taken as medical advice. Do not take orally, for external use only. Please consult your doctor before use, if you are pregnant or have any medical condition.

Bottle size: 2oz, 4oz


Customer Reviews

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Alexis Correira
Improved my hair.

Vitamin E is famous for hair treatments and for reducing irritation in the scalp. I used it for months and now my hairs are back to it's shiny face. Sometimes, all you need is a bit more care for the hair.

Dear Alexis Correira, Thanks for the review! I'm glad you found the Vitamin E Carrier Oil helpful in your hair care routine.

Neha D.
Quality product

I’ve recently bought 2 items from here and both were great.
This shop made my day.