Wish Oil- Chuparosa - Humming Bird

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To Strengthen Love and positivity, utilize this spiritual oil as a regular product in the daycare routine. Our wish oil contains an exclusive mix of spices and oils. Spanish for Hummingbird is Chuparosa in English, making an air for a wide range of adoration to thrive. It is handy for hoisting companionships to a position of heartfelt Love. Present-day spiritual items figure to help you with the deep and profound activities.


Our Wish Oil Chuparosa helps you to accomplish your requirements and wants. These plans accomplice you with the fantastic legacy of revered practice, drawing in you in the rich and supernatural culture of society sorcery that protects your soul and mind. Our chants furnish a way to work with your desires materially, captivating your faculties with fascinating fixings and refreshing aromas.

Use Chuparosa prayer oil to enhance your supplications and to welcome charm into your life. These items' names and enchanted relationships are essential for a long-standing custom of North American people sorcery and have been made utilizing revered fixings and strategies. Chuparosa (Hummingbird) spiritual oil supplies are well known for affection and karma, particularly for karma in an authentic and enduring adoration. 

  • Effective for women to attract the opposite gender.
  • It helps in dressing your amulets and talismans.
  • They were used for rituals and magical events.
  • Spiritually awakening oil.

    Customer Reviews

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    Akif Nabil
    Perfect blend

    The mixture of different spices and condiments made this oil a perfect mix for ritual items. Also, works as a lure to the other gender.

    Dear Akif Nabil, Thanks for reviewing our Wish Oil- Chuparosa - Humming Bird! We're glad you found it to be a perfect blend of different spices and condiments, and also a great lure to the other gender.


    I have always been sceptical of this kind of product, but after trying it I have to say I feel a difference when I am wearing it.