You are the One Body Oil

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Allow this fruity fragrance to intoxicate your senses and give you a fun and summery vibe. Its top note, strawberry, opens with a fresh, slightly sweet, and somewhat tart note. Immediately, the odor of freshly plucked rose joins it and adds an ambrosial floral twist.


This “happy” scent is available at a profoundly low price. This sweet melody of fruit and roses is balanced by adding a birch note a sits base note. This woody ingredient gives it an earthy element that blends well with the luxurious blend of winter woods, soft rose, and strawberry nectar.

This popular aroma has managed to attract people from all over the globe. Incense Pro has created this enticing scent in the form of body oil. In this way, you smell terrific while taking care of your body. Your skin receives the nutrients and minerals it requires, and it gets exfoliated gently. As its name suggests, it will boost your confidence and give you a unique aura that will attract people towards you.

This one-of-a-kind smell is to die for. Make heads turn whenever you go out with this addictive odor, and wow everyone.

  • Elevates mood
  • It relaxes and soothes your senses
  • Gently exfoliates the skin
  • Rejuvenates your skin
  • Available at a reasonable price

Customer Reviews

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Rico de Niro
Edifies mood

It relaxed my senses and exfoliated my skin.
Aroma is real good.

Thank you so much for appreciating our product.