how do choose right incense

How Do I Choose the Right Incense?

May 16, 2019

It is important to choose the proper type of incense at Incense Pro, we are very lucky that we have a variety of incense collection. Our Incense comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and we have the collection of incense from all over the globe. Even though on the one hand, all this variety can be exciting and amusing, on the other hand, it could be a bit overwhelming. There are such a lot of unique patterns and scents of incense, how do you realize which one is the suitable one for you?

Choosing a fragrance is an important step and this must be accomplished based on what mood you are in or what mood you are seeking to create. As an example lavender incense is best for “de-stressing” and “relaxing”. As well as jasmine, it's also proper for supporting to induce sleep. When incense is used for the duration of meditation, it may be very powerful indeed. Myrhh and lemongrass fragrances are excellent for restoring energy. 

Here we are describing some of the popular incense and their benefits that will definitely helpful for you.

Relaxing Incense: Here at Incense Pro, we bring you all sorts of incense in a safe and cost-effective way to unwind. Discover our best varieties of incense for easing the mind, body, and soul. 

Sandalwood Incense: This is one of the most precious timbers in the world. The Hindu faith considers it sacred, associated with the gods Shiva and Lakshmi. The aroma of sandalwood produces a rich, smooth, creamy scent of warm milk with strains of citrus. This ambitious scent will enthrall you with it is amber, floral and highly spiced subtleties. It is famous among global religions. Sandalwood surprisingly encouraged for any time you need to clear the mind.

Anti Stress Incense: One of the nice blend of resins, musks and florals mix excellent multi-purpose incense. Use it for wisdom and truth-seeking, as well as rituals of love and desire. Anti Stress corresponds to Air and Fire, though some of the darker versions lean towards Earth. 

Lavender Incense: The beautiful, vivid shades of purple on the lavender plant are matched only by its scent. It is widely used in various forms for soothing the body and soul. Lavender makes the perfect gift for yourself and for romantic occasions. Use this incense in your room and get in touch with your inner self. A cleansing, airy fragrance, Lavender is a go-to incense for refreshing the body, mind, and home environment. It is used in various healing and meditation purposes. The exact vibration of the Lavender incense will vary based on its aroma, from gentle and soothing to bright and invigorating. 

Meditation Incense:

Incense brings a feeling of harmony and deepens our religious connection.

We will discuss a number of our favorite of incenses. While utilized in meditation, incense can assist to carry our minds to the clean factor of calm. You may use either mild incense before you starting meditation practice, or you can use incense to cleanse and purify the room or have it burning as you meditate which could have huge benefits while meditating to reveal gratitude or to visualize superb future scenarios. 

So What is the best incense for meditation? 

Are you ready to connect with your inner calm and bring a few zen vibes to your house? Then take a look at our top low-priced few incense products. 

Satya Nag Champa Incense: Nag Champa is one of the iconic scents people regularly use for yoga or meditation. Nag Champa Incense has a lovely rich earthy and strong fragrance which fills a room and is harmonious with meditation or for an at-home yoga practice. The scent of this incense is traditional and might be an awesome desire if you are unsure about which fragrances to go for. There is an unassuming, mild aroma that most of the people enjoy. 

HEM Incense: This selection carries some of the excellent smelling incense and is a smart choice for those seeking to try out unique scents to get a concept of the quality incense for a specific occasion. 

These incense sticks are made in India and smell consist of opium, sandal-rose, lemongrass, Egyptian Musk, jasmine, rose, ganesh, loban and eucalyptus. These incense has rich aroma, long lasting and the sticks are slow to burn. This is truly an exceptional choice for such a selection of scents and the fragrance simply filled the room and lingered long in a while. 

Frankincense & Myrrh: A famous choice for meditation, Frankincense is thought to be one of the most calming incenses. Widely available as incense sticks, essential oils and resin incense. The calming scent promotes relaxation and peace, at the same time it also relieves stress and anxiety. 

Myrrh: Generally used to promote renewal in life and for purification, myrrh has an array of spiritual connections. If you are trying to cleanse your mind or open it up to reality, burning myrrh is the best.

Sage: For thousands of years people have been burning sage. Taken into consideration by using Shamans to hold a cleaning property, dried white sage is believed to cleanse your energy field of conflict, anger, evil and illness. Today, sage incense and essential oils are available; however, traditionally, dried white sage is bunched together and left to smoulder in an abalone shell

Cinnamon: The fire associative, cinnamon, can be used to deal with fire elements, including passion and warmth. The famous scent is believed to promote sexual desire, and growth strength levels, too. Nowadays, many people enjoy burning cinnamon incense sticks during sex, instead of lighting candles. 

Amber: Famous to burn when experiencing changes in life, amber incense sticks can inspire an adventure of self-discovery. Boosting connections to knowledge and history, amber incense is a really perfect choice if you’re trying to understand a complicated situation. 

Song of India: This mystic aroma is very precise and some say it smells similar to the temples in India. Song of India Temple Incense sticks fills your home with the most beautiful fragrance you could imagine! Each Song of India Temple incense stick is rolled by hand, in India - using only the finest aromatic woods, herbs, essential oils, and other elements of the highest quality. Experience it for deserve it!

Copal Pure Resin Incense: These incense are pure and highly fragrant. Copal resins are natural aromatic gums derived from the Hymenaea verrucosa tree. Burning copal is a very powerful spiritual ritual of the ancient Mayan wisdom. Its burn for the intention of clearing away heavy energies, awakening dormant energies, protection from evil. You can try our Maya Copal Incense Stick and Copal Resin Incense Sticks.

Rope Incense: Rope incense is made by placing herbs and other plant ingredients on rice paper and then twisting the rice paper to form a 'rope'. It is pure and 100% natural. Rope Incense is a tool of management, balanced body, mind, and energy to stay completely happy existence. Use Rose Rope Incense for meditation in your house, stupa or temple. Burned for air purification, improve the Psychic Powers, entice love and spirituality.

Backflow Incense: Backflow incense cones can help you fill your space with a relaxing fragrance and mystifying smoke. When using with a backflow incense burner, the smoke with a cycle down thru the cone to create beautiful presentations. Lavender backflow incense has a fragrance that is floral and herbaceous. It promotes relaxation and soothes your stresses and anxiety.

These incense cones have to be used with an incense holder for best effect. Check out our backflow incense burner selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our home decor shops.

Once you know the basics of incense, you can experiment with different fragrances and scents and have fun seeing which ones you like or you don’t. Incense can be a powerful mood enhancer and well worth trying out.

Hopefully, the above information will help you to understand the different types of incense that are available and will help you to pick the ones that will suit your needs.  If you have any question, please don't hesitate to drop us a line here at Incense Pro - We have years of experience working with incense and we would love to help you find the one that is perfect for you!

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